Contemplating Churches



In a church in Farnham, there was a small self-help booklet, with questions like these:


What is my contribution?

Why is there so much misery in the world?

Who was I in my previous birth?

What will happen after I die?


With these questions in mind, I've tried to photograph the contemplative nature of churches, through abstract representation of its spaces. Even though I am an atheist I believe in spirituality and the power of mediation. And churches, like all other places of worship offer to a physical space where inner reflection is facilitated. Because of the calm, quiet and peaceful nature of the space, one feels relaxed, humbled and rejuvenated. My act of photographing abstracts is in a way, that of meditation. This style tends to get repetitive, which is necessary for concentration; the way saying ‘om’ repeatedly helps to meditate. By consciously composing forms and shapes, this act of concentrating, searching for the perfect harmony of colors and shapes is meditative in itself.


Medium: Hasselblad on color Fugifilm.

Size: 6” x 6”