Ecological Utopia



The work can be best explained by the term ecological utopia, defined as “new ways in which a society should relate to nature. [They] react to a perceived widening gap between the modern Western way of living that destroys nature and our own traditional way of living that is thought to be more in harmony with nature.” Thus, an ecological utopia or ecotopia in short is an imagined ideal world that functions perfectly for both people and nature.


The drawing interventions in this work portray an imaginary built environment, born out of ideas of green building; projected onto the dry, desolate suburbs of Gurgaon.


They are subtle yet thought provoking and allow the viewer to interpret them with their own notions of urban development. Meanings are made more believable when placed in a perceived photographic reality that would otherwise be ignored. The landscape that was dull, devoid of people and which portrayed the emptiness of this society becomes interesting, even optimistic in some way. The work remains a personal view and like some earlier projects, it continues to reflect my concern for conservation of natural resources.


Medium: Pen and Ink drawing on digital image.

Size: 16” x 11”