Home Sweet Home


of patched walls and leftover scars...


Recently after an arranged marriage, I shifted into my in-laws’ house. It has been their home for the last twenty years. There were two significant aspects about this change. Firstly adopting a completely new set of family, neighbours and friends and secondly a struggle to make someone else’s home, which is their personal space; my own as well.


In any home there are many small details that people tend to ignore, like faded memory. There are habits of a family member which others may not notice because they are used to them. To an outsider like me, an architect and photographer, the house’s imperfections become apparent; some details are distracting; some habits irritating. Despite this, there is something comforting in the house, in its non-decor. There are some new things to appreciate. Most of all, it feels peaceful, humble, a place to rest. There is good, and there is bad. There is anger and there is peace; and a variety of opposing emotions.


Photographing my new home will maybe help me to own it a little more. It may also help me to let go of differences and appreciate the good things. Ultimately it will help me to give meaning to the phrase ‘home sweet home’.



Digital photographs, 2013-2015

Size: 6” x 4”


of emotions and experiences,

images and imperfections







of rusting iron and hard work,

errors and assumptions









of marriages made in heaven,

with adjustments made on earth









of boring breakfasts and exotic dinners,

craving for chillies and upset tummies









of leaking taps and saved polythenes,

hypocrisy and helping hands









of faith and endless criticisms,

TV shows full of murders and silly jokes










of endless caring and worrying,

joyfyl feelings when parrots return









of doors always open for friends,

cooking their favorite food any time of the day









of interior decor and frugality,

aesthetic taste and functionality









of regard for high status, power and race

plastic flowers but feelings real







of discussions on politics and book,

of mocking pigeons and mimicking sounds







A home full of contradictions,

but still, a home sweet home.